IBM Power (HMC) Insights

HMCi is a utility that collects metrics from one or more IBM Power HMC, without the need to install any agents. The metric data is processed and saved into an InfluxDB time-series database. Grafana can be used to visualize the metrics from InfluxDB.

This software is free to use and is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License, but is not supported or endorsed by International Business Machines (IBM). There is an optional companion agent which collects more metrics from within AIX and Linux.

Metrics includes:

  • Managed Systems – the physical Power servers
  • Logical Partitions – the virtualized servers running AIX, Linux and IBM-i (AS/400)
  • Virtual I/O Servers – the i/o partition(s) virtualizing network and storage
  • Energy – power consumption and temperatures (needs to be enabled and is not available for P7, E870, E880 and E980)

For more information, visit:

example dashboard (one of many)